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11 October 2006

Yeah, I've been everywhere, man...

As a writer, I've heard numerous times that you should write what you know. All of my books are based in Phoenix, because, well, that's what I know. I was born and raised here (except for those 5.5 yrs in a Frozen Zone known as Reno, NV), so it only makes sense that I should write about it. I'd like to think that someday very soon, my characters will step outside the box--well, the state anyway--and have an adventure elsewhere. Which is why, when I travel now, I take plenty of pictures and write about it later--like I did with our honeymoon.

I tend to be a very descriptive writer. I like to describe things in great detail. And when I found Travel Plan Idea blog, I knew this would make a great source in the future. This place helps people plan their vacations by posting places to see, things to do and how much it's all gonna cost you. And right now, they're holding it;s 06-07 winter vacation plan travel writing contest. All you have to do is submit your original travel itinerary (organized by day and should include where to stay, what to do, where to eat, costs, etc) and hope like hell you win some prize money...up to $1,100.

I was debating on whether or not I should enter our honeymoon itinerary, but really, what could I say? Cruise: $600-something, Inside Adventure Tour on Catalina Island: $89/ per person (or something like that), Fox Studios/Rosarito Tour in Ensenada Mexico: $29/per person (or something like that), At Sea: 2 days with plenty of stuff to do on the ship. Truthfully, I don't remember how much the excursions were, lunch was provided on one of the excursions that we took, and I'm not about to list all the things you could do on the ship. That would just be ridiculous.

But I can describe the hell out of the excursions, though. I'm good at that.

So, go. Enter the contest. If you've traveling, or have traveled, try to win some money. And if you win, you'd better send me half.

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