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09 October 2006

The Open Door

Evanescence - The Open Door
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A while back, I talked about Category #3 (it's there, really. You just have to scroll down. Irritating, I know) in regards to my CD's. I mentioned this group--Evanescence--being part of this category and included their new CD without even hearing it.

I wasn't disappointed.

There is not one song on The Open Door that I would skip-over. Besides the song they've been playing on the radio--"You Don't Call Me When You're Sober"--I play "Lose Control" over and over again.

These songs sound like they belong on a horror/supernatural-type movie soundtrack. If you liked their first CD, "Fallen", then you'll like this one. And if you get a chance to see them live, BUY TICKETS.

Review: 4 Hums
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