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10 October 2006

Super Heroes

A Fall show has been added to my regular repetoire of shows: Heroes. I knew I would like this show because I'm all about "characters with special abilities." Unlike X-Men (another franchise I love, see the What side are YOU on? post a few doors down), I think these people were part of some sort of experiment..and someone is out to kill them all. What I like about this show--besides the eye candy of Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar, of course--is the fact that they're all unlikely heroes. They're just discovering their abilities and it's affecting them in different ways. Only one character--a nerdy Japanese dude who can teleport himself anywhere--seems to like, and embrace, his ability, while the others are quickly finding that it can cause problems. One of the characters doesn't even have abilities, he's just connected to the others via his deceased father's work.

Right now, it's getting real good. There's a murderer running around and his crime scenes are brutal. Other than that, this one is definitely a keeper. I hope it gets picked up next season.

Side-note: I watched Ugly Betty (a show produced by Salma Hayek) and found it worth watching again, but there's a conflict of interest: it comes on at the same time as Smallville. No contest. Smallville wins hands down. Every time. The hubby might have to DVR Miz Betty.

So, what are you watching?
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