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14 April 2007

I THOUGHT it was about support

I was in a 4-week workshop during the month of January that helped women who either wanted to start their own business or needed some ideas for their current business. There was about 10 of us in that workshop and I got in thru a scholarship (a value of $250). I met a great bunch of women in that group so this post isn't going to reflect all the other women in the group...just the one who sent this email to me:

Hi Celise!

I donate money, time and Ladies Who Launch scholarships to women and others in need to Pay it Forward. I am volunteering to raise money for the WEF, Women's Enterprise Foundation-whose mission is to support and inspire women entrepreneurs with scholarships and grants that enable them to further their education, leadership skills and opportunities to succeed. I have made a commitment to play 100 holes of golf on April 20 and sponsored myself for $1/hole for every hole I play that day. Will you please extend your generous heart and sponsor me for the same?

I wrote her back and said:

I'll make a donation for you if you make one for my niece (you got the flyer right?) see below post. How does that sound?

She emailed me back on Thursday and said:

Ahhh, I've already committed my dollars to WEF. Thanks for the consideration, Celise.....

Well, of course you've committed your dollars to WEF (smacking my hand against my forehead.) How silly of me to think otherwise. How silly of me to think that you want me to help you with your cause, but you can't do the same for me.

I'm sorry, did I miss something here?

I help you, you help me. Seemed like a fair trade to me. Was I wrong?


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