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15 April 2007

Vincent Chase, Henry Fitzroy, and former DEA agent, Jane Vasco

What does all that mean, you ask?

New shows added to my already full roster of viewing pleasure:

Entourage - The hubby and I somewhow got sucked into the soap opera that is Vincent Chase's (Adrian Grenier) life and ended up watching the last few episodes of Season 3. Season 4 has just started. He downloaded the episodes we missed of Season 3 and we watched those before the season finale of 3. Last night, we marathon-watched Season 1. It is officially official: We love Vince, Turtle, E, Drama and even the neurotic asshole that's his agent, Ari Gold. Even his gay male assistant is good for some laffs.

"I can't believe you like this show. This is more like a guy's show. What with all the guy stuff they talk about," says the hubby.

"Hel-lo, I'm watching it because of Adrian," I tell him in my best "duh" voice. "And because it's funny."

Granted, there's a lot of guy stuff and more often than not, I'm shaking my head in exasperation at what they say, but it's still good t.v. watching. It's always interesting to see what famous actor/actress I'll see in the next episode. If you're not already watching this show, you need to. Sunday nights, HBO.

Blood Ties - Vicki Nelson is a former cop-turned-detective and Henry Fitzroy is a 450 yr old vampire/graphic comic book writer. He helps her out on her cases, which more often than not, turn out to have some supernatural aspect to them. This is a new series that just started last month, I think, on the Lifetime Channel and are based on the "Blood Books" series by author Tanya Huff. I was a GINORMOUS fan of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel". When these shows were cancelled (and there was no closure for "Angel"), I went thru withdrawal for about a week: "What am I gonna watch now?" Luckily, "Supernatural" started up soon, so I was able to quit the therapy sessions. This show, however, feeds my "Angel" addiction. Henry is a different kind of vampire, not as broody as Angel, and I've still got the Eye Candy Factor, so that's all that matters. I don't know how long this series will last, but I'll continue to watch it until it gets cancelled (knock on wood). Sunday nights, Lifetime Channel.

Painkiller Jane - This new series (based on a comic book. Shocker there) on the Sci-Fi Channel just started last Friday and stars that actress from Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. She was the Terminator in that movie. Anyhoo, in this new series she plays DEA agent, Jane Vasco. Until she's forcibly recruited to a covert government unit, that is. A unit that tracks, contains and if necessary, eliminates--"neuros": individuals with superhuman neurological abilities. She got her nickname, Painkiller Jane, from her father because she was mentally able to push thru the most painful situations. Interesting thing is, Jane has an ability of her own: she's unable die and can heal herself. Unfortunately, the pain is very real, so it's not the Neato!-I-wish-I-had-that-superpower kind of ability. Can you guess why I was intrigued by this show? I'll give you a hint: Sydney Bristow + Buffy Summers = two strong females who know how to kick ass and take names. I'll watch it till it gets cancelled (knock on wood). Friday nights, Sci-Fi Channel.

Lincoln Heights*
Kyle XY*
The 4400*

*Denotes the seasonal shows that are shown during a certain time span and then don't come back until the following year. Way irritating that, but still watchable.


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