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13 May 2007

June Bug

Remember that car trouble I had mentioned not too long ago? Well, I got rid of today.

That's me me in my new-used, black 2005 Volkswagen Beetle! I've been wanting one ever since they came out. After eating breakfast with my parents and long-time family friends (a Mother's Day tradition for over 10 yrs, I think), the hubby and I went to the Volkswagen dealership to test drive one. I've never driven one before, but Draven has one. She seems to have so much fun tooling around in her purple one, it made me want to get one even more.

The intent had been to just test drive it. They don't call them salesmen for nothin'. The next thing I know, we're makin' deals and trying to get monthly payments below $300 (which we did. Thank God for the hubby). For the record, black wasn't my first choice. In fact, it wasn't on my list of choices at all. I was looking for a 2000-2003 certified, automatic with a lighter color paint job. I never wanted to own a black car in the desert,'s growing on me (the cloth seats and CD player have been a big help). And not in the way fungus grows on toenails, either.

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