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08 May 2007

A little update

I forgot to post on here--and MySpace--about my booksigning event I had on Saturday. Sorry. My bad. It was hosted by the Arts Council for Youth and it was fun. Except for when my tent almost blew over. That was not so fun (damned sandbags). Anyhow, we had an excellent spot near the Main Dance Stage. Besides the books, there was music, art, food, a raffle, and plenty of dancing. You can see photos from the Arts Jam Festival HERE.
I started another AuthorMBA online workshop this week: Feng Shui for Writers: Move Your Stuff, Make a Sale. Sounds cool, doesn't it? I couldn't pass up the price. Why are you taking this, you may ask? Besides the fact that it's geared towards writers and us writers need all the creativity flow we can get? I'll give you one good reason: have you seen my office? I don't write in here, I type in here. It's obvious I'm in dire need of help and Bella Andre is going to show me what I need to do. I'll be sure to share the results--the suggestions, that is. Not so much the actual physical results. That could take a minute. Or two--with all of you when the class is over.
A guy contacted me through my Flickr acct yesterday. He's doing a special project on his website about movie studio theme parks and there's going to be a section about the Foxploration Tour in Rosarito, Mexico. He saw my 'great' pictures (the hubby and I took this tour on our honeymoon last year) and asked permission to use them and name me. How coolio is that? "Sure thing, dude," I said. Well, I didn't say the dude part, but close to it. You can check out the photos HERE.
The writing deadline (scroll down to read) I mentioned not too long ago is now under way. Even though I had a bit of a head start when I made the first deadline (33 pages already completed), I'm finding that I'm writing more than my daily quota of 1 page a day. During the week, that is. I have an hour for lunch at my new job and I consider that to be Prime Writing Time for me. On good days, I can crank out 2-3 handwritten pages. On the weekends? One page. It's been going quite well, although Draven isn't happy. With the way she's been acting up, you'd think I'd ruined her whole life or something. Such is the life of a writer. Lucky me. I'll post a Writing Movement update later this week.

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