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29 December 2005


So I'm currently reading the first "Gossip Girl" book by Cecily von Z. (yeah, I, uh, can't spell her last name) for my upcoming teenchicklit class. I'm not gonna say much here because this is a "required reading" book and we're going to discuss it during class. But all I have to say is...HOLY SHIT!  Reading about this bunch of alcoholic sluts and himbos makes me wonder if this is how the other half really lived. The other half being the popular crowd at my high school. Of course, I never went to a private school, but my school is in Scottsdale (a.k.a "Snobsdale"). The cars in the parking lot looked like a foreign car luxury dealership. I did, however, attend a Catholic school (hated it, two snaps down) when I was young and I still have nightmares about the uniforms: red plaid skirts with suspenders, white or red socks, red sweater, white shirt. A pedophile's dream, if you will. Definitely don't miss those days.

My niece goes to a charter school. A visual arts performing school that really encourages creativity. I shadowed her one day (for research) and saw all the Goths that used to go to my high school. For reals. Everyone there wears black--like black is the new pink or something--and is spiked, colored, pierced, and tattooed up the ying yang. I'm pretty sure--no, I'm ABSOLUTELY sure--that if schools like this (no judgement, no hatred, eveyone's accepted, encourage creative talent) had existed in my day (read: 15 yrs ago), I would've enjoyed high school a HELLUVA lot more.

I haven't gotten very far in the book. I can't remember what Chapter I'm on exactly. But I can tell you right now that out of all the different characters that keep popping up in this book, Vanessa is the one I'm most identifying with right now.

FYI: "Required reading" was the only thing I hated about English class. Let me rephrase that. Required reading, Shakespeare, and in-class essays were the only things I hated about English class. The fact that I don't read books in the genre I write for (there's a reason for this) is not an important factor, either.*cheeky grin*. So Lauren should feel privileged that I'm reading these books for her.

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