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01 January 2006

Happy New Year

Steven and I spent a low-key night at home for New Years. Again. Which was okay with me. We were invited to a number of parties, but we didn't feel like going to someone's house. Especially a home in which the only people we knew were the ones who invited us. So, we picked up a couple of slices of pie from Marie Callender's (I normally get the Cream Cheese pie, but this time it wasn't fresh), went home and watched "Alexander"  (think low-class "Troy" but with Colin Farrell ) on one of our HD channels. We watched the tail end of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve and realized that something health-wise had happened to Dick Clark. Apparently, I've been out of the loop because I think he suffered a stroke and you could tell. His words were a little slurred. It was weird. Steven and I were like, "What happened?"

Today, I went to lunch and a movie with my sister, my niece and my Mom. My sister's husband's mother and sister were supposed to join us as well, but they didn't arrive until the movie was about to begin. We saw Heath Ledger's other new movie, "Casanova." It was really good. And funny in parts. I think I might end up buying it when it comes out on DVD. I liked him in "A Knight's Tale", so I knew this was one was going to be good, too. I love romantic comedy period pieces like this and Heath seems to do so well. Which makes sense, if you think about it. I read somewhere that his name is short for Heathcliff and we all know where that name comes from, right? I forgot, so I think I need to be re-informed. Anyhow, he seems to do good in romantic films. I don't think he could pull off being a bad guy. Doesn't fit his MO...whatever that is. I say his other new movie, because there was a long-ass friggin' line for the first one that came out. There's a theater in Scottsdale (across from Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall) that shows mostly indie and foreign flicks. I've seen some good movies there. They put "Casanova" there as well as "Brokeback Mountain". In two theaters. All I have to say is, Thank the Lord, Hallelujah, pass the biscuits for automated ticketing machines.

Today was a good day. The women in my family got some female bonding time.  I'm one of those children who can freely admit that I love hanging out with my parents. I love spending time with my niece (she's so cool, and she's looking and sounding so grown) and I will always love spending time with my sister. We don't do that enuff as it is.

I get tomorrow off, too. WHOO-HOO!

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