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06 January 2006

Hangin' at Sonic

There's a Sonic not too far from our house. It's one of those places that's straight out of a Happy Days episode: you pull up and park, push the button when you're ready to order and they bring your food out to you. Not on roller skates, though they used to do that. Probably got sick and tired of all the workmans comp claims they had to fill out. Apparently, this place is the new Denny's. Steven and I went there this evening to get dinner and sat there while high school kids pulled up in their Fast and Furious wanna-be/work in progress cars, music thumpin'. It took us a few minutes to realize our little call button wasn't working, so we decided to go thru the drive-thru. While waiting for our food, we saw close to 15 kids sitting at the tables. It was kinda crazy. I couldn't help but laugh as I pictured the phone call in my head:

"So, hey man what's goin' on tonight?"

"Ah, I'm hangin' with the guys at Sonic."

Or better yet, the "hook-up" phone call one buddy makes to another:

"Yeah, so I was hangin' at Sonic Friday night and met this phat honey..."

I suppose it could be worse. They could be out gang banging, drinking at some party or just generally acting stupid and getting into trouble. At least there, they can eat burgers and swig limeades. They couldn't have picked a better place, though. For reals. They have the best shakes and amazingly enuff, their Sprite is fantastic. For reals.

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