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10 February 2006

A Dangerous Tea Party

Tonight was the "opening ceremonies" for the SARK Succulent Pajama Party ( a party that lasts all weekend, mind you): a dangerous tea party "complete with dessert devouring, tea sipping, storytelling, sharing, games and music by Karen Drucker."

Too fun for words. SARK is a totally amazing woman and for those females out there that don't believe they're amazing, then you need to read SARK's books. She can change your life. All the women--less than 50 altogether--were there hanging out in their pj's and feather boas, checking out SARK's Magic Cottage ( a colorful tent that displayed items worth buying), drinking tea and coffee, and "devouring desserts" that included cookies, brownies, chocolate and vanilla ice cream with toppings like M&M's, crushed brownies, nuts, chocolate shavings, cherries...*sigh*. Good times.

The storytelling was from SARK and how she came up with the idea for a "dangerous" tea party (it involved a 93 yr old artist neighbor who paints male subjects and an invitation to tea that has become a weekly standing tradition for the past 4 years). Not dangerous as in sipping tea and juggling knives or something--but dangerous like...decadent, anything-can-happen-in-a-room-filled-with-amazing-women kind of dangerous.

The sharing was telling a short story behind the choice of pj's you wore.

The game was going around to each person and stating your name, where you're from and what you're "claiming" to get out of this weekend: My name is Celise, I'm from Phx, and I'm claiming self-confidence.

The music is courtesy of Karen Drucker, inspirational singer/songwriter and motivational speaker.

The best thing about this whole workshop? Well, other than hanging out with SARK? I get to wear my pj's. The whole weekend. People are gonna think I'm crazy wearing my PJ's in public, but you know what? I don't care. It's all right. Because SARK said so. *big, cheesy grin inserted here*

So, tomorrow...toe readings from 830am-10am. Bohemian Yoga at 900am , workshops start at 10am. I am SO looking forward to tomorrow.
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