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14 February 2006

Gotta love Valentine's Day...

Steven and I are true procrastinators. In every part of our lives, I believe that is true. Last week, when I was thinking about trying out a new restaurant for V-day, I should've called right then and made a reservation. As it was, I was ready to scrap the whole date because I was so perturbed with myself. I knew all the good places were going to be crowded...and I was right. Especially when we had to wait for almost 65 minutes to get a seat at THE CHEESECAKE FACTORY. That was Steven's bright idea. What really sucks is that they don't take reservations. But they should have. We had to wait 20 mins just to get a friggin' buzzer!! But the food was good, the tiramisu cake even better, so I suppose it was worth it.

In the Feb issue of my newsletter, I was deciding on whether or not I should embarrass Steven at his job by having flowers delivered to his office today. I put the question up for a vote and only got a few "Do it, do it" responses. I didn't end up doing it and I'm glad I did. While we were waiting to be seated, I confessed to him that I had been thinking.

"The first time was okay, but if you had done it again, I wouldn't have liked it," he says. "I'm a guy. I have a penis and testicles. I don't want to get flowers. No more flowers for Steven." Oh-kay. Message received loud and clear.
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