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12 February 2006

SARK's Succulent Pajama Party-Lasting Impressions

I will forever be grateful that I had the money to attend this wonderful 3 day workshop. The whole time, I was wishing my best friend had been able to come too. She would've reveled in the overall aura of female empowerment. She's all about female empowerment. I met a fantastic bunch of women, made some connections, joined SARK's Marvelous Message Board to keep in touch with those out-of-towners, ate great food...and got to spend some up close and personal time with a WONDERFUL, FANTABULOUS author and her friends.

And, in the alternate universe where superheroes exist, I will be ...
I took pictures a-plenty at this event (kicking myself for not bringing the camera to the Dangerous Tea Party), which can be seen here.

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