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16 March 2006

Not so bad...

Okay, so...that wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Joy and Joe did most of the talking--which was nice--however we only had one itty-bitty 20 second break. When they told me it was all talk, I think my eyes bugged out in panic. No 5 minutes worth of commercials every 15 muinutes? What am I gonna talk about?

I was a little bit nervous talking about the history of the books and where I get my ideas, etc. But all in all, I think I did great job. The interview will be archived on there until they decide to remove it. Driving home, I thought about all the stuff I should've said: like my reasoning behind writing the DA series, the direction I want to take my company, the Youth Book Fair/Festival I'm planning. I need to start writing down notes. Or rather, topics of discussion and make sure I try and hit those points.

It'll get easier. It has to.
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