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19 March 2006

Stapp Attack

So, last night, me and a friend went to see Scott Stapp in concert. Surprisingly enough, the former frontman for Creed put on a good show. During their reign, Scott was adamant in pointing out that they weren't a Christian rock band (Off-topic, is there such a thing as Catholic rock? or rap? Just wondering. Moving on..);Despite his background and what some of the lyrics "implied". I don't know if he's still denying it now, but since his band broke up, it's obvious he's been doing some soul-searching. And in between songs, he talked about the past, the mindset in which he'd written some of the songs, the meaning behind the songs, etc. He said that he has a long way to go and judging from his recent behavior, he ain't kiddin'.

The majority of the set was Creed songs ("My Own Prison", "Higher", "Arms Wide Open", "Hold Me Now", "What if"), but he also sang songs from his new album. He sang one of my favorite songs off that album, "Justify", so I was happy. The venue was small enough to get a good view (although I didn't get up close), heard some great music and I'm glad I was able to get someone to go with me. It was touch and go at first since my best friend bailed on me (still luv ya, Aim), but Steven found someone: his best friend's girlfriend. Yay. There was no way in hell Steven was going to go see "Scott Crap" (his words, not mine). I was all set to go by myself, but it all worked out in the end.

After 4 yrs, I'm still a fan.
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