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04 April 2006

I'm just gonna throw this out...

...and see what kind of comments I get. From anybody.

I'm going to be having a weeklong signing at a local gallery with another author. This other author is much older than I am (60's-70's), and writes for adults. We were wanting to go with a different theme every night (something geared towards our books). One of Joyce's books, the other author, has her main characters in a traveling carnival. So, on Saturday, the last day of the signing, we were going to have a carnival theme.


1) Joyce is a little eccentric and somewhat hermit-like. She lived on a reservation for 35 years.

2) Her books are a little....different. Her first one, Eden Reclaimed is about an alien who comes to Earth and runs for president. He lands in New Mexico (or is it Mexico? I can't remember) and befriends a Navajo sheepherder. Her second book, The Fourth City of World Delights deals with people in a traveling carnival. Her third book, String Theory Quartet, has a much deeper hidden meaning, but the main character yells at her husband for something (I don't know what about...I can't remember), and ends up putting him in a coma. No, she's not a witch, but her words are so get my meaning.

3) Joyce's books are about multicultural people. Her theme is "diversity living in harmony". I thought that was pretty cool. You can check out her books at Xlibris under Joyce Keveren.

MOVING ON... We came up with the idea of a carnival, but we just need some ideas on what we can do at this carnival.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

1) We're short on budget - we don't want to spend a whole lot of money.

2) We're short on space - both inside and outside the gallery.

A carnival idea I just came up with: A Pampered Harmony Carnival. Facials, manicures, toe readings, angel readings, tarot card readings, jewelry vendors, chair/table massages, make-up vendors.

With all that being said, and all the info given, should we do the typical carnival w/ games, food, and whatnot? Or should we do the not-so-typical carnival? Or should we do a mixture of both? If we do the typical carnival, what type of activities could we have on a budget? What type of food?

Much to think about and running short on time to advertise it. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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