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21 April 2006


Does anyone believe in reincarnation? I watched a movie last night on Starz called Birth with Nicole Kidman (looking awfully cute in her short haircut) and Anne Heche (I'm a lesbian, wait, not anymore). It was about an engaged woman who encounters a 10 yr old claiming to be her dead husband. The boy, Sean, was played by this wonderfully intense young actor by the name of Cameron Bright. The only other movie I've seen him in is Ultraviolet (with Milla Jovovich). He can say so much without saying one word and most of it is said with his eyes. He kinda reminds me of Dakota Fanning, young and wise beyond his years, as you can tell from this quote:

(about the controversy with the tub scene in Birth) "If you knew how they film movies and how ACTRA and SAG protect children actors, then you would not be asking me this question. The only people stirring up the bath water in that scene was the media."

I'm not going to give the plot away, just say that during the course of the movie, Nicole's character went thru disbelief and then belief. I'm Catholic. I was baptized as a Catholic, but I'm currently not practicing my religion. I know that reincarnation is a religious belief and that there are two categories: believers and non-believers. I can't say which one I fall into.

When I was in middle school, passing questionnaire-type notes in class, I remember reincarnation being one of the questions. "If you died, what you want to come back as?" I always said something dorky like a cat or a cloud. But then I grew up. Saw more of the world. Experienced more of the world. Saw that people in my lifetime--different cultures-- believed it possible. Watched movies that touched on the topic. And then I experienced the pain of death. Both near and permanent. Several times. My faith was shaken and I became angry. I think I probably still am. It was pointed out to me during my toe reading at that SARK Pajama Party event that my energy flow is blocked, in part, due to my anger at The Divine. My toe reader said that I needed to make peace.

I think it's all interconnected somehow--faith and peace. Does it mean that ifI release my anger, I'll be more open to believing?
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