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13 April 2006

Boy Band Flash Forward

I admit it. I was into Boy Bands. I loved New Kids on the Block (especially Jordan Knight), I liked the Backstreet Boys (Kevin Richardson was my fav), was kinda diggin' on N'SYNC (first JC, then, as he got older, Justin), but I had a serious love jones for LFO. Specifically, Devin Lima. The boy is white, but has the soul of a black man. The boy could sing and brought some soul to the group. He reminded me of Bryan Abrams (the lead singer from Color Me Badd..another group I loved) and kinda looked like him, too. He started with the group and made "Summer Girls" a big hit way back in the 90's. That first album, I believe, will always be their best. The very last song on that album is called "Forever" and he kills it. Just. Kills. It. At the time, I was thinking, "You can sing me to anytime you want. Hell, sing the frickin' Yellow Pages, for all I care. You'll still make me drool." When they came in concert (one of those concert series things where they're the headlining group and have 3-4 teenybopper-type opening acts) , you can bet I stood in line to get my tickets (and got good seats, too). The whole time he was performing, I couldn't take my eyes off him and you can see why. YOW!

During the concert, he'd taken off his shirt and was strollin' around in nothin' but cargo pants and Timbaland boots. I was KA-POW'd by a six pack that was flatter than roadkill. In 2002, LFO disbanded and I've thought about Devin off and on (thanks to a reoccurring dream) for a while and decided to look him up the other day. Apparently, I missed his first performance as a solo artist when VH-1 aired a tribute to Sly and The Family Stone. He has a song on the tribute album and only heard a little teaser of it off of Amazon. It was a teaser, all right, but he still sounds sexy. I just don't know if I like the new look.

I think I like him with a full head of hair better. He has a long, narrow, chiseled face that's emphasized too much by the short cut. He still looks ripped (there were other shots, too), but he needs to go back to the cargo pants and hiking boots. Only certain gorgeous, hot-looking, sexy *hang on while I wipe my mouth* guys can pull off that look and he was one of them.

Needless to say, when and if the album comes out, I'll be the first one in line.

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