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05 April 2006

Worldly Tastiness

I had a Writing Movement today, which inspired me to birth a new Character. I would like you you all to meet Chase from Taste the World. She's a confused 30-something woman who muses, rambles, and yammers about "writing struggles (been there, still doing that, currently sleeping in the shirt), her pile of dogs, shopping affairs, coffee addictions, messy houses, and her attempts at figuring out what the heck is going on around here." Well, not around here, per se, more like in her corner of the world.

If she sounds familiar it's because she's been sacked out--ahem--HANGING out for a week at my place. She and her *cough hounds of hell cough* cute pups have since been shlepped to someone else's pad. Your lucky, Chase, not a stain in sight. You get your pet deposit back.

So, go and welcome Chase's tasty goodness to the neigborhood. Over there. To the right. Taste the World. May she stay true to her regular blogging duties...cuz we all know what happens around here if you don't.
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