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17 April 2006


I feel like I haven't been keeping up my end of the deal. My Characters get killed off if they haven't done this. Maybe I should be suspended or something.

It's been a while in between posts and that's because I'm in the process of preparing for a week long book signing at a local art gallery. This is the first time the owner has worked with authors and I'm starting to realize that a week is too long. A week at the same gallery, that is. If it was a week at different galleries, I think I would've been fine with it. But now, I'm thinking that three days would've been sufficient. Since the beginning of the month, me and my best friend have been wracking our brains trying to come up with something for each night. We finally decided on theme nights based on the titles of the books--mine and Joyce's. It doesn't help that Joyce has no clue about promoting outside her circle of friends and neighbors. It doesn't help that my best friend was in a car accident last Thursday (she's fine, but she's got a bruised shoulder and a fractured rib) and now she has no car. It doesn't help that at the book festival on the 1st, I was handing out author cards which listed a website that had yet to go live. It doesn't help that said friend needs info regarding the bachlorette party because it keeps getting changed ("You're friggin' kiddin' me, right? You need this stuff now?"). I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed, highly unprepared, have been battling the mother of all sore throats for the past two days, and worried that it's going to be deader than a graveyard during the week for this event.

Is there a bright spot anywhere in this rant, you ask? Yes.

Steven and I saw a great movie yesterday called Lucky Number Slevin. Very good, very unexpected and surprisingly, Josh Hartnett has a really nice set of abs. Not exactly ripped and roadkill-flat, but, y'know, ogle-worthy.

I have another online internet radio interview on May 16.

At a Spring Boutique event at a woman's house last Thursday night, I sold 5 copies of my books.

And after weeks of don't-like-that's and change-this, MY AUTHOR WEBSITE IS FINALLY LIVE!!! Go take a look here and let me know what you think. Ai and Dax do great work (even though you can't see more examples becuz their website is under construction), but they also drew my girls (the main characters in my YA novels). You can see that by clicking on the SkyMaDa Designs link at my website. They're also going to re-design my company logo, but we won't be discussing that until after this gallery ordeal. And it IS becoming an ordeal. I might need a week to detox.

Okay, so...if I don't post for a while, you'll know that I had a little "moment" and needed to sit in the corner to calm down.
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