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24 June 2006

Barefoot CEO

Today, I went to a launch party for a new upstart company. I've never liked multi-level marketing schemes. The ones where you have to sign up people beneath you, pay for the kit upfront, and eventually get commissions, blah, blah, blah. I'm not much of a salesperson (which could be the kiss of death for a self publisher like myself, but I digress), so trying to create some kind of "team" might not work for me.

But I would try to make it work because for once, I can honestly say, that I believe in these products. The same woman that created THIS COMPANY, branched off to create THIS OPPORTUNITY. They're launching it in 4 states right now --Arizona, California, California and...I forgot the other one--nationwide in September/October. Maybe countrywide by the end of the year or 2007. Without hesitation, I can tell you that I love THIS COMPANY. I've bought stuff for myself, my mother, my sister, my best friend, my niece. Sitting here in my office, I'm looking at 5 things I've bought--for myself--from THIS COMPANY. I just got the latest catalog in the mail the other day, and after I look through it, it's going to look like a favorite book: dog-eared.

And now, I'll be able to sell these wonderful items. Granted, the items will be totally different from the ones in THIS COMPANY, but they'll be made from the same designers. I'm pretty stoked about this opportunity. The best part? I wasn't obligated to sign up for the Consultant Kit right away. I could have. I wanted to. I just don't have $195 in my bank acct right now (for that matter, when do I ever?). For that amt, though, I would've gotten $500 worth of merchandise. But I have the option to earn full or partial pmt of the kit. I'll just have to sign up under someone who signed up as Consultant and use their kit to host my Launch Your Dreams party. I like that. Launch Your Dreams.

Or I can just be an Ambassador--for $65--and earn Barefoot Bucks. Basically, I'd be passing out catalogs for my assigned Consultant and earning "money" to spend on products if someone buys something or signs up. Either way, it's a win-win sitch for me.

Me, being the struggling writer and business owner, am always looking for ways to bring in extra money. I'd like to think that I'd make a great Consultant for this new company, seeing as how I love their products (all made by female entrepreneuers and artists, by the way), but I'm thinking that most of the sales I'd make would have to be thru the website. I mean, I work a full-time job...and when the hell would I have time to host a party each month to maintain my $500 monthly quota? It's not like you can keep inviting the same group of people each time, right?

I would love to be the CEO of my own company--barefoot or otherwise. I mean, basically I already am, but it doesn't count if you're still working for The Man.

So...if I decide to become a full-on Consultant, I'd be my own first customer. For reals. And then you all can order something, too.
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