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16 June 2006

New Characters

These guys have been in the Story for a little bit and I've just been too damn busy trying to finish the book to introduce them. I've created some new Characters. Would you like to meet them? Of course you would:

BOOBS, INJURIES & DR. PEPPER - apparently, being pregnant brings out the funny in women

THE CASUAL SLACKER - very wit-tay and I love her blog format

THE FIFTH COLUMN - they like big blogs and they cannot lie

VIOLA'S VIEW - another struggling writer just like me. How cool is that?

You probably haven't noticed, but a while back I did a little spring cleaning in the Character department. The only time I add new Characters, as you know, is if I bump off-snuff out-remove-from-existence someone else. I haven't done that yet, but it's lookin' like I might have to again.

Why create a blog if you're not gonna keep it up? Especially if you've got regulars coming to see you on a daily basis. I mean, really. If you have nothing to contribute in over a month, stop wasting my time and beat a hasty retreat. I may be trying to crank out my third book to meet a deadline that no one else has to adhere to but me, but I've still found time to post something. A Character on my list posts even when she has nothing to say. Now that's dedication.

I look at it this way. I've got a rep to protect. If I don't keep up my end of the rep (read: entertaining the masses with random looks into my personal life), then POOF...they be gone. "They" being the people that come read me on a daily basis, that is.

With that being said...go over to the sidebar and welcome the new Characters that now make up the Story of my life.

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