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31 May 2006

My space on MySpace

I finally did it. I took a flying leap (with some help from that mini-trampoline over there in the corner) and hopped on the bandwagon that is MySpace: A Great Promotional Method for Young Adult Fiction Writers.

My first post on Blogger was about my experience on MySpace for the first time. You can read all about it HERE. Needless to say, it was a not a good one. And then about a month ago, on the teenchicklit forum where I lurk, there was a long-running topic on about how it's a great place to promote YA books. After all, the genre I write for is on there, why not me? I needed a little convincing. So I did my research and checked out the other authors on there to see how it was going for them. I decided to shake off the one bad experience and try again. Maybe this time will be better.

I've got 13 friends already (the majority of them YA writers like me), but I hope to make a connection with readers as well. And there's that Tom dude. I think he's everybody's friend.

So, if you're you have a space on MySpace--and you love to read--be sure to come visit me HERE. Be sure to have your speakers on and check out Awesome band.
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