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31 May 2006

Well-I-tried Writing Movement

Today is the 31st...and the book isn't done yet. I had every intention of getting it done over the holiday, but there was a little hiccup (translation: mother ended up in the hospital Memorial Day). She was discharged in the evening, but the creative mojo had gone back to its room and taken a nap for the rest of the day. I'd gotten one page written before it started showing signs of sleepiness. Hopefully, I'll be done this weekend and will be able to send it off next week.

Currently, I'm not quite halfway thru Chapter 11. But I had a Hoo-Yeah! Writing Movement yesterday in which I wrote 4 pages during my lunch hour! 4 pages! That never happens. Maybe I'll get even farther during lunch today. With my man out of town until Friday afternoon, I'll have real quiet time. Not quiet time interspersed with barks of laughter, the whir of the treadmill, belching (acid reflux), farting, and the clang of weights. Not to mention the grunting that goes along with lifting those weights. TMI, right? Right. Moving on...

I know now that, writing-wise, when I have a goal, I can reach it. If the little hiccup hadn't occurred (and I'm so not blaming my Mom), it would've been done. I think I was just stunned for a minute because it was my Mom this time, not my Dad. But I know that when I commit to it, I can go "balls to the wall" and crank it out. Even if it might be utter crap and nappy hair rough.
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