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29 June 2006

Superman falls with a thud

Perfect title for a movie review, yeah? Because honestly, that's what I felt about this latest installment in the Superman franchise. Steven was disappointed, too. In a nutshell:

~ not enough action

~ not enough interaction with Lex (Kevin Spacey does not a good villain make)

~ interesting villainous storyline

~ great physique (despite the speculation that Brandon Routh's "package" had to be digitally reduced because he was too, well, y'know...super)

~ a couple of "Wow" moments

~ Brandon really is quite handsome, and even though he got the thumbs up from the Reeve camp, he ain't no Christopher

~ and oh yeah, he has a son.

It was almost 3 hrs long--well, more like 2:40--but it was still too long.

Steven's all, "Bryan left the X-Men franchise to do this?"

And I'm all,"Well, no wonder Cyclops didn't make it in X3. Because he's here. Getting kicked to the curb again." James Marsden can't seem to catch a break. This is his third movie where he's been looked over by the leading lady.

The only redeeming aspect of going to see this movie was the FRIGGIN' AWESOME trailer we saw of Spiderman 3 coming in May. And for all you hard core Spidey fans out there, I've got two words for you: alien symbiot.
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