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28 April 2007

And yet another light at the end of the Rejection Tunnel...

I gave my niece a copy of DA Book One to read and this is the email we exchanged:

Me: So, how are you liking the book so far? I'm thinking about creating the blog for her and wanted to know how soon before you'd be able to start contributing to it. Let me know. Thx.

TK: well im sort of in the middle but i had to stop because my american lit teacher said that we have to choose an american author and read their book for the class so i chose you (since i think you might be american but i dont know for sure!! lol!) we have to tell her who we choose in a week and a half. i would be done with it by then so im waiting so i can finish it in class or it wont count. its hard because its getting really interesting and i hate to stop when its good so... yeah but i want to put your name as the author so i had to stop.

I wonder if this is how other YA authors feel when family members (teens in particular) want to use their books for a class.

I am highly flattered.

And quite ecstatic (although I'm expressing that emotion on the inside).

Maybe this will garner a class visit. How coolio would that be?

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