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29 April 2007

Commitment-phobe of the deadline variety

Since around Jan of this year, I've been taking workshops through AuthorMBA. This month is no different. Sort of. I took a two-week workshop called Snap Planning: 6 Steps to a High Impact Career Plan. Here's the blurb:

Beginning writers and bestselling authors alike can benefit from having a simple, inspiring career plan to guide them. Whether you’re working toward that first sale or aiming for the NY Times bestseller list, knowing where you want to go and how you plan to get there can make all the difference in achieving your goal. The Snap Plan is a short and sweet, high impact career plan… a snapshot of your purpose, vision, brand, goals, and much more. It’s everything you need to help you stay focused and motivated, all on one sheet of paper. What more could a busy writer ask for?You’ll leave this hands-on workshop with a complete, personalized career plan to help you stay on track and pursue your goals with confidence. If you’d like to take your writing career to the next level—whatever level that may be—let the Snap Plan be your guide!

With all the worskshops I've taken through this website (their blog has a perm link in my blogroll), I've come away with something new. Every. Single. Time. All of the worskshops are very hands on. They post 3 times a week and we have homework on each of those three days. I learned a lot about myself as a writer in the previous workshops and this time was no different.

In fact, it was a little bit of a struggle. More so than all the others.

Lecture #7 had to do with Production Goals, Milestones, Intentions: goals to work towards and set target dates to finish by.

My Production Goal: To finish a first draft of Book Two in my YA series by 11/01.

My Milestones:

Milestone #1: complete first 66 pages by 5/31

Milestone #2: complete second 66 pages by 8/31

Milestone #3: complete third 66 pages by 10/31

I've written about this before, so you know that I don't do deadlines very well. It reminds me of being in school and the pressure to finish a homework assignment by a certain time. Also, I'm a worrier, and when the little things happen in my personal life, I'm thrown off my creative game.

Like the fact that I need to look for a steady 40 hr work week type of job and then get a new car once I do. Yeah, hearing that my transmission is failing, two of my 4 cylinders are misfiring, all the mounts are out and to fix it all is going to cost me $3000-$3500 was something I so didn't need to hear right now.

But I digress.

The month of May is going to be a fresh start for me. It's going to be about commitment, achievement and determination. I made the commitment to finish the first draft by 11/01 and I am determined to prove that I can achieve that goal. Or come as close as possible. If I can do this, then I know that WHEN I get that book deal, I'll be able to accomplish what I say, when I say.

Be forewarned: from May to November, you'll be seeing more Writing Movement posts. If not everyday, then at least on a weekly basis.

I can do this.

I will write one page everyday. Even if it's crap (which it probably will be).

I will reach my first Milestone deadline.

I will take a moment to reward myself for reaching my first Milestone.

Words of encouragement and plenty of good writing vibes sent my way will be much appreciated.

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