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30 April 2007


Via snail mail today from The Park Literary Group:

Dear Author,

Please forgive this impersonal note regarding your query, which we have considered but must decline. As we receive a tremendous number of queries, we are unable to respond to each submission individually, but we thank you for the opportunity to review your work.

We encourage you to keep writing and to try other agents.


The Park Literary Group, LLC

As I sit here and type the words from another one of those litte postcard-type, well, cards, I'm reminded of something I read not too long ago. One of the blogs that I read on a regular basis had a guest agent one day. Agent X said that they wouldn't represent an author who badmouthed an agent in a blog (makes sense) or if they put that they've been rejected 20 times. "I guess it's a good thing I didn't submit to this person, then," I thought. While Agent X is entitled to their opinion, to me it seems kind of close-minded. I mean, so the author got rejected 20 times. Do you know why? Maybe the author was getting form letters just like this one. Granted, I could be shooting myself in the foot posting all these rejections on here. Especially since some of the responses have come with specific reasons for why I was rejected.

But to pass over an author because they say they've been rejected a certain amount of times? And you don't why? That's stupid and close-minded thinking, IMHO. In all the rejection letters I've received so far, I noticed that agents tend to say the same thing over and over: This is a subjective point of view. Just because I think this way doesn't mean another agent will. Subjective. I understand this word. I don't think Agent X does.

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