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30 April 2007


Via email today from the Heacock Literary Agency:

Dear Author,

Thank you for seeking us out. We appreciate each author who takes the time to learn about our agency and send a query letter. Each letter is read when it first arrives. We keep those that warrant further consideration, and we send immediate responses to those that don’t seem like they will be a good match with what we are currently seeking. Editors inform us of the publishers’ needs and thus we continuously fine tune what we invite. Sometimes we hope that if we hold onto a letter that the timing will work out better later on. We apologize for the delayed response especially since we don’t have better news.

At present, we are regretfully going to pass by the opportunity to consider your work for representation. The query letter has to strike a chord which leads us to believe that we will not only resonate deeply with the material but also will be successful in selling it in the current market conditions. Out of necessity, we are frequently forced to pass by material which shows potential. We recognize that in doing so we miss opportunities to represent fine and worthwhile material, but we also trust that if you persist you will eventually connect with the right agent at the right time for your success.

You may have already found an agent by the time this response reaches you, or you may well find that another literary agent will react with enthusiasm for your work. We suggest that you contact the Association of Authors' Representatives at for a list of members. Each member of that organization subscribes to a strict canon of ethics.

We send you every good wish for success with all of your writing endeavors, and thank you again for contacting us.


Catt LeBaigue, AAR
Author's Representative

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