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25 May 2007

What I've Done...

EDIT: I finally got a chance to read the jacket. In particular, the Thank You's from each of the band members. Did you know that lead singer Chester Bennington has 4 children? And one of them is named Draven. Very. Cool. bought Linkin Park's new CD "Minutes to Midnight."


These guys are my #1 favorite group for one reason and one reason alone:

I have all of their original CD's--and by original I mean original, not the remixes--and there is not one song I would skip over. More often than not, there are certain songs that I play over and over. And this time is no different. #7 Hands Held High is my all-time favorite on the new CD and the first time out, I played it 5 times in a row. I get chills and a tear in my eye every time I hear it. Powerful, powerful song. Besides #7, these are my other choice picks:

#1 Wake - It's instrumental and I always like these type of interludes.

#2 Given Up - this song is a total rush-head-bangin'-mosh pit-"break-your-neck" song. I put this one on repeat at least 3 times.

#4 Bleed it Out - I call this the "Yee-Haw" song. It's a knee-slapper. I can see them singing this at their concert. This was a 3-peat as well.

#6 What I've Done - the current single that's being played on the radio right now.

These guys said that they have a different sound this time around, but the DJ's were skeptical. "What I've Done" could be another "Numb", so it's understandable they would think that. Hell, I admit, I was thinking the same thing, too.

And then I heard the rest of the CD.

This group has never let me down musically. I never get tired of hearing their other songs on the radio and I doubt I ever will. What's even better is that when you see them live, it's like listening to their CD. Consistency. That's what's going to keep me coming back. If you're a long-time LP fan, you're gonna love the new stuff.

I can't wait to see them when they roll thru my hometown in August. It's gonna be freakin' AWESOME!
Review: 5 Snaps Up

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