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21 March 2006

Writing Movement

It's not so much a writing movement as it is a "typing" movement. I'm at the stage known as foraging. Meaning, I'm foraging through previously written material to see what I can use now, because said material was too risque for the age group I write for and has to be re-written. Did you get all that? Several years ago, the manuscript was almost done. But I went back and read it, only to realize that I had somehow forgotten the age group of my audience (yeah, I dunno, senior moment or something). The material was more suited to an adult romance novel. That's when the idea for the DA series came up and I knew I could still use the material, just scrap a lot of it.

Before the foraging, I was writing from imagination. Now that I'm getting to the heart of the story, I need to see what can be salvaged. The Writing Movements I was having what seemed like ages ago--but was actually only a week ago?--had come from my foraging efforts. It was material I could still use (but had to re-write because I graduated summa cum laude from the University of Chicken Scratch...and the pencil markings are somewhat smudged) and adding on to. Writing it out first, then going back to type it in.

When it comes to the books I write, it's very structured (unlike my writing routine): 12 chapters, 12 pages per chapter (sometimes 13 or 14), no more than 140 pages. I don't want my books to be tomes, and with a series, I really don't want to go over 200 pages. I might end up doing so with book one in the series. I've been adding an extra page before each chapter (something I plan to do with all the books in the series) and I know I'm going to need to add filler and some "mystery moments."

Chapter 6 is almost done. 6 more chapters to go. June is looming. Hope I can reach my goal.
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