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24 May 2006

Craptacular Writing Movement

The good news? Chapter 9 is done. The bad news? It's utter crap. It is so craptacular is it you ask?'s so crappy that I had to resort to contacting people on my many (okay 5..and my soon to be editor) online forums and ask for help. Not only do I have 3 more Chapters to write, but I have to write 6 remaining pages in Chapter 6 ( I believe I mentioned this yesterday?). At that point, the hero is asking the heroine for help...even though she has her own sitch to take care of. So here is the question I posted. Feel free to comment. I can use all the help I can get right now.

Besides the sexual harrassment issue, what are all the illegal things that could happen in a day spa?

Keep it clean, folks. Remember, I write for teens.

*snort* Okay, like that matters nowadays.

However, I'm one of those YA authors that likes to color outside the lines and write about not-so-everyday life. It's called fiction for a reason.
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