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18 May 2006

KICK-ASS Writing Movement

Chapter 7 was done on Tuesday. Currently halfway thru Chapter 8. This is going to be a serious rough draft. Rough like nappy hair rough. Rough like dead skin on the bottom of your heel that even a Brillo Pad can't smooth out rough. Ew. Okay, maybe that was a visual no one needed to see, but you get my drift.

When I find an editor, they're going to have fun markin' this puppy up. I can see her (or him) now, sitting at the computer, gleefully rubbing the hands, chuckling wickedly...and then marking up my manuscript with so many yellow tracking changes it could glow in the dark. Sigh. Such is the life of a writer. I think my daily routine has been helped. I go home, walk a mile on the treadmill, shower, eat, write for an add'l 2-3 hrs, do a little reading, go to bed.

I know I'm going to be done with this book before the end of the month. I can say this with complete faith in me and my writing ability. I can also say this book will be released on July 28th. There. It's out in the universe.

Yay me!
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