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23 March 2006

Nap Day

According to SARK's 2006 Pure Relaxation Calendar. It has been written. And since SARK decreed it, it must be true. Treat this day like a national holiday and...well, take a nap. I'm not sure if she means a power nap, a newborn-baby nap, an I'm-getting-old-and-my-bones-need-a rest nap or the it's-noon-at-the-daycare-so-whip-out-your-sleep-mats-and-take-a-nap kind of nap. Either way, I'm all for it and could really use one right about now. I think my co-worker was waiting for this day, too. *grin*. Interestingly enough, SARK has several of these days sprinkled around in this calendar. I like it.

When I was young, I hated taking naps. Too much to do, too much to see..who the hell has time to take a friggin' nap? Now, in my mid-30's, I am SO diggin' nap time. I'm apt to take one everyday. Particularly after lunch. And you all, with the little ones who fight you tooth and nail about this issue, can now tell them "You're going to love these when you're older. I promise."

The way I see it--sorry, I'm about to get deep--you're "napping" when you come into the world and when you leave this world, you're "napping". It's just more permanent.
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